Films Screening SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2007

Showing at 12:45pm

Short - 9min - USA
Director -Jean-Paul Chreky


RJ (Jean Paul Chreky) isn’t dealing with an ordinary case of heartache.  He can’t eat, he can’t sleep, and he feels like he’s at death’s door.  He can’t quite put together how this is happening, but he definitely knows who is responsible.  Sophie (Natalia Castellanos), a short-term love interest, has brought about long-term suffering.  Tonight, RJ is determined to see Sophie’s game come to an end.  Funny enough, she wants the same thing . . . 



Feature - 93min - USA
Director - Jason Murphy


A drug experiment gone wrong produces a league of blood-thirsty zombies. It is up to a small band of exotic dancers trapped in a gentlemans club to fight back. Together they must rely on their wits and skills to survive the night, and pray that they don't become victims of the flesh-eating zombies!

Showing at 3PM

Short - 6min - USA
Director - Oliver Tosh


A day in the life of the typical loving couple.


Feature - 88min - USA
Director - Marcus Koch


Jennifer and her partner Mark are tired of writing for the local tabloid papers. Seeking something bigger, they soon stumble upon the story of a lifetime. A notorious murderer known only as "The Teardrop Killer."
As the onslaught of human butchery gets ever closer to home, Mark and Jennifer piece together the grizzly puzzle behind a 20 year murder spree.
Their investigation leads them to the dark secrets left behind by carnival performers connected to the past of a loveable clown named Gurdy.
Mark and Jennifer will discover the tragedies of a man who once made children smile, now a monster that thrives on the dismemberment of anyone who crosses his path. As good reporting always proves, some headlines are worth an arm and a leg.

Showing at 5pm

Short - 15min - United Kingdom
Director - Alex Masterton

Competing against DVD piracy, internet downloading, and an array of customers who never seem to rent anything, Will, owner of Mr. Video, struggles in vain to earn a living. But things soon change when a young man enters the store and pushes will to the breaking point.

Short -13min - Germany
Director - Tobias Suhm


Using surreal and bizarre images, VOIGTKAMPFF deals with a disenchanted man, who's only reason for staying alive is his exorbitant hatred towards his tormentors. When the day of revenge has finally come, his vast detestation will make him even put up with the deaths of 6.519 million people. Persecuted by nightmares continuously reminding him of the terrible events of his childhood, he is driven to his payback, resulting in an immensely destructive showdown. Always hoping to be able to return to peace and quiet...


Short - 26min - Indonesia
Director - The MO Brothers


DARA tells the story of a mysterious young woman who runs a fine-dining restaurant, and cooks a great meal. She is everything any guy could wish for.
When several potential suitors show interest in her, things start to unfold. Beneath her enigmatic presence, lies a dark secret.

This is a short-twisted & wacky tale of a woman, three men, good food, machetes, blood & guts and best of all one big ass rusty chainsaw.

SHOShowing at 6pm

Documentary Feature - 74min - USA
Director - John Kinhart


"If you don't have those three things, then your film is not going to be successful".
- Joe Ripple, director

Shot and edited over two and a half years, Blood, Boobs, & Beast provides a fresh and humorous look at low-budget filmmaking through the unassuming eyes of Don Dohler. With revealing interviews and beautiful cinematography, Blood, Boobs, & Beast is a touching portrait of Dohler's career, his family, and his struggle to just make a good movie.

Showing at 7:30pm

Short - 21min - USA
Director - Gary E. Irwin


While cleaning out their recently deceased grandfathers belongings, Brian & Jeff Chaisson inadvertently stumble upon an ancient book; one of mysterious and malevolent origin. Later that same evening, while entertaining friends during a sleepover, Jeff unveils the recent discovery in an effort to impress the group. Seizing the opportunity, the gang uses the book as a scare tactic against their favorite target and youngest member, Charlie. Succumbing to peer pressure, and the trusted reassurance of his older brother Tank, Charlie opens the book and unwittingly unleashes a malicious entity. An unseen force that has chosen to target the evil that has chosen the form 'of Darkness'.


Short - 29min - USA
Director - Gris Grimly


Stash and Hub, two redneck ghouls, take a journey through an ancient graveyard to do what ghouls have done for centuries: grave defiling, necrophilia and cannibalism. On their midnight walk, they rant about their idiosyncrasies. But this morbid journey to feast on the dead does not unfold as it has the numerous nights before. Stash and Hub have raided the resting place of the deceased one too many times and the dead do not take lightly being fed on for centuries.

Showing at 9pm

Short - 7min - USA
Director - Brett Bortle


Five teens set out for a relaxing weekend in the woods to escape from their everyday suburban wonderland, but when the kids turn up missing and only blood, carnage, and one sole survivor can be found… it's up to one detective to uncover the truth behind the "Buffalo Murders".


***World Premiere***
Feature - 117min - USA
Director - Eric Stanze


The small Midwestern town of Eidolon Crossing boasted great prosperity... until the child murders began in 1945. The town was slowly crushed, both economically and spiritually. The killer was never caught. In 1979, the killing spree finally ended. And something evil was buried in a shallow grave at the edge of town. Jake Richardson lived in Eidolon Crossing when he was a young boy. He returns to his old family home as an adult. The death and terror that once consumed Eidolon Crossing still lingers in the air. The locals are still fearful. Strange images are glimpsed in the night shadows. Jake soon realizes that the restless spirits of all the murdered children still haunt this town. The dead have been waiting... for Jake Richardson to come home.

Showing at 11:30pm

Short - 18min - USA
Director - Mitch Csanadi


Poor Jobe!--This is a short story of life, death, torture, and wonderment. Caught
in the middle is a strange man named Jobe, who when leaving the dentists office with his new robot friend, is suddenly struck by a vehicle.
When he comes too, Jobe continues his walk but all is not well. Strange beings
follow Jobe and rip him from the present. After what seems like hours, Jobe is
brought to a dilapitated hospital for the insane and incurable where he is witness to truth and madness. His hunt to escape only sends him through a dark and hellish nightmare. A maze of the obscure and a path to torture and darkness lead him to his only savior. Then Jobe discovers why he is really there! Poor Jobe!

Feature - 95min - USA
Director - Franklyn Guerrero Jr.


"Carver" depicts the real life events of five 20 something's that went camping in the mountain town of Halcyon Ridge and never returned. Based on state police reports, they and countless others found themselves the unwitting subjects of bizarre "snuff" films that were found on the old Carver family stockyard property.
It is a case of life imatating art, and art imatating DEATH.

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